A Set of 5 Reusable Bamboo Charcoal Nappy Inserts

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A set of 5 inserts to be used with any pocket nappy/diaper. Bamboo charcoal is highly breathable, softest, most comfortable and most absorbent material.

Care instructions: Wash cloth diapers separately from other laundry. Separate insert from diapers. If soiled, shake off solid waste into a toilet. Rinse in cold water. Machine wash at warm, using mild detergent at 95 °F, 30°C or colder). Hang to dry. Do not use fabric softeners, bleach or dryer sheets. Avoid washing in public facilities.

Material: 4 Layers: 2 layers bamboo charcoal, 2 layers microfiber.

Size: For babies weighing 3 - 15 kg (6.5–32pounds)

Dimensions:   35cm in length (13.77``) X 13.5cm in width (5.31``)