About Us

Lilipadz was founded by a team of women passionate about encouraging people to change their habits and transition towards a more sustainable future.
We have been struggling personally to move away from multiple throwaway products and understand how difficult it can be these days to look after ourselves and our families, as well as our environment.
An idea was born to offer alternatives to people looking for more sustainable solutions in products they buy and dispose of in their daily lives, with a welcoming and encouraging tone, hoping to inspire healing and restoration on a personal, social and environmental level.
We developed Lilipadz out of our passion to serve women and planet, bridging the gap from Conscious Producer to Conscious Consumers. We wanted to offer women  a new way of thinking about their periods, their bodies and their femininity by celebrating their monthly cycles, and also being more sustainable and less dependent in their choices.
We chose bamboo as the main resource for our products as it's the fastest growing plant in the world. It can grow 1 to 4 inches in a day and re-grows quickly after being cut down. This makes it the world's best renewable resource. Since the plant's health is improved by cutting, bamboo can be re-harvested every three years without any harmful effects to the environment.
Many of our team members volunteer with charities which support the health of families and communities worldwide.
In the spirit of social responsibility Lilipadz donates a portion of proceeds to charity. To find out what charitable cause your purchases are currently supporting, check out our Featured Charity section on the home page. If you would like to suggest a charity for us to feature, don’t hesitate to contact us.